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Your company’s reputation plays a large role in local organic search rankings. For example, if your company is listed in every major local business directory, you’re mentioned on local news sources regularly, and the web is ripe with great user reviews of your business, you’ll likely rank higher than if you’re rarely mentioned and your reviews are poor.

Every business gets a bad review now and then, and some businesses naturally have trouble attracting reviews from their customers. But with local SEO becoming more important and more influential, just how important are consumer reviews for SEO?

Multiple Benefits of Reviews

Online reviews do more for your business than just look good on external…

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There are many reasons to become an entrepreneur, but no matter what those are — even if they don’t involve getting rich — your business needs to generate a profit. Without that profit, you can’t keep the doors open, and you can’t keep doing what you love.

Unfortunately, the majority of new businesses ultimately end up failing within the first few years. In large part, this is due to an inability to generate a sufficient profit, and it’s not a problem to scoff at — even businesses built on solid ideas can suffer from a lack of profitability.

So what prevents businesses from being profitable in the first place? …

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Sometimes, it just seems like we have far more tasks on our to-do lists than we can reasonably accomplish.

That’s why I’ve compiled this giant list of “efficiency hacks” busy entrepreneurs can use to improve their long-term productivity, in each of five main categories:

· Routine hacks, designed to improve your daily processes.

· Mental and emotional hacks, to improve your mind state and emotional health.

· Communication hacks, to increase your communicative efficiency.

· Team hacks, to ensure you have the best people working for you and with you.

· Analysis and improvement hacks, to help you better understand how you work. …


Jayson DeMers

CEO of EmailAnalytics (emailanalytics.com), a productivity tool that visualizes team email activity. Co-host of The Entrepreneur Cast (theentrepreneurcast.com)

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